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Jiangshan holds the leaf of enlightenment and presses it directly on the stone gate. When the leaf t I glanced around the room and didn't find the gorilla, and looking at all the doors around me, I The spirit power of the five people surged out like a storm, constantly integrated into the huge net "Yelv Hongfa, then these prisoners will be taken care of by you!" Even if Ni Xian and others have a deep relationship with celebrities, they can't stop people&#39 However, at this time, he suddenly felt dozens of extraordinary and obvious magic waves coming from He was only responsible for sending the folded evolutionary humans into the light gate, but he never Thor is in the air for a while, but the attack from its front has collided with the central avatar o "What's a pity, those vulgar guys are very annoyed every time. I just want to have a good game, The leader of the palace is out on business, and the defense array of the palace can't stop him Gu Qiancheng side of the maid, a hear Gu Qiancheng words, immediately kneel down, a face embarrassed Lu Weimin seemed to smile. "Even I don't have this confidence. I can refuse to corrode at any ti He also took out the ocean in his pocket. There were 10 more oceans, which added up to 63 oceans There are not many, or even very few, monks who agree with Qin Lang's ideas. However, after Qin In this case, the body is extremely strong, and Yuanling has a crushing advantage over most Terrans. She knew the source of the news and knew that ordinary people could not hear the legend. "Now that it's over, you want to be more open." Truman also took over and looked at the general and asked.

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