Chapter 858 the unique treasure "yaochi Holy Land" The brainless guy did not ask the reason, but said in a deep voice, "those two guys, are they dead?" With that, Miao Miao increased his strength in his hands. But also dare not hard connect, can only with clever force these blood cones with deviation directio "Deception data sent successfully, armed unmanned patrol boat data link strength recovery!" Pei's family members were rich in talents. From the middle of the dynasty to the local governmen Fang Han shook his head and sighed, "I can't remember clearly. It's something far away." Naturally, this man is his strange uncle Sha Shidong. After the formation of the ghost Jinyang yuan God, the yuan God field like an ancient wood forest wa Fang Ye was in a peaceful state of mind. He often watched his three restless disciples compete with Of course, it's all built on Xiaye, a place where heroes have a strong output. We're going t He Liwei immediately flew into a rage and asked Zuo Xiaole to investigate the truth of the matter. Chu Huan looked dignified, slightly pondered, raised his head and asked, "I'm going to help you It's not that he is stingy. After all, without the consent of sun CHUANSHI, these martial arts c Autumn morning in the mountains, with inexplicable refreshing, the wind with yellow leaves, at the s Yue Chong rolled his eyelids, but he was still a little upset: "I said that you two are here to prot Of course, not all east coast goods can enter here. To some extent, ye Fang and Su Yao played a great role.

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