Now Shi Bing has no time to think about it, because a huge crisis has surrounded Shi Bing and the 20 Obviously, the existence that appeared here at that time did not deliberately release the power, jus But this kind of action causes the light to leave a large shadow on the face, looks like the cruel o "It's about the blue sky hotel. Last night, Tang Guotao called me and talked about ye Tian. He w Take out to cultivate ice jade Epiphyllum, Luo Li immediately found the survival rate of ice jade Ep Huge water cannon hits the shell of the golden sphere. Nine life ponders, looking at not far away in the night holding a torch to the team, well, sure enou The three real sound waves and ripples are interlaced with each other, as if a woven light net, whic God punished No. 8 for swallowing his saliva. People who have never gone with money, haven't they? " Leap Zong looked at the blue array for a while and said, "this array is not simple." That traitor, sooner or later, they'll take it! Meng Qi waved the fire and felt that it was light and smooth, like fingers and fingers. The power co When Chen Jiu agreed, his big hand really covered Zhao Tianshun's head, absorbing the inner spir "What's the matter? Is there an earthquake?" The Lord gave the banquet, and there was a ceremony of sealing after the banquet... " Sure enough, this day's reception banquet was not very grand, but Dai Zhou Pei's family was No, he is not a man who can do things according to the rules. He is not a man who can be controlled

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